Country of origin: Ukraine

Supplying of walnut is one of the priority directions of the company’s activities in Ukraine. Ukraine takes the fifth place in the world on production and the second place in the world on the export of walnuts.
It gives you a good opportunity to buy walnuts of good quality at competitive price
in short terms! 


1. ​Walnuts crop 2017 Quality:
kernel (light-amber) at 1/2 1/4 1/8 size, Specifications: moisture 6% max, admixture 0, 1%max.
2. Walnuts in shell
Specifications: moisture 10% max, admixture 0, 1%max.
Packing: Polypropylene bags of 25 kg
​Shipment: on trucks or 20 fcl
Terms: FCA, FOB, DDU.

​Walnut kernels:
​ Walnut fraction (proportion) 1/2 80%
​(light amber) 

​Walnut mix fraction (proportion)
Mix above average (1/2 + 1/4 – 30 %/ 70 %) (Light Amber) 

Walnut fraction (proportion) 1/4 80%, 1/8 20% (light amber) 

Walnut in shell: size 26 – 28 mm size 28 – 36 mm Packing: in Polypropylene bags of 25 kg

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Shelf life: 12 months at not exceeding 12 degrees centigrade temperature and not higher than 60% humidity

Packaging: 10 kg cardboard boxes;
Standards: goods is accompanied by all the necessary documents;
​Quality indicators.
GMO: None
Aflatoxins: None
Radiological indicators: None
More detailed proposals by each kind of goods – we will send you on request 

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