Having combined lost traditions and recipes with new technologies, the company that started form a small slaughter house has grown into a biggest player that dictates new tendencies in production of meat and milk products for the entire domestic market. As on today vertically integrated Group of Companies include the enterprises that provide closed production cycle starting from construction to production and production sale.​

Like world leaders of meat industry we focus on high quality of raw material base. Good genetics, quality of feed formulation and strict hygiene is the key to the proper preparation of raw materials for production of sausages. High-tech feedlot, European approach, multiplied   Ukrainian diligence give a possibility to talk about the unique image of Meat Plant.
The group of companies includes a meat and a dairy and a pig complexes, which are the main source of raw materials for the production. All incoming raw materials to the plant undergo state veterinary control and are checked daily at all stages of the production process from the moment of their delivery to the plant and ending with finished products. Strict multistage veterinary control ensures the quality and safety of our products.
High standards of manufacturing products and raw materials of its own production give Meat Plant a possibility to use new technologies in the field of meat processing and produce high-quality, in-demand products.