Delicate minced meat of beef leg. Perfect for meatballs or as stuffing.
Logistics: 6 pcs. in a carton
net weight: 400g


Gentle ligawy meat thinly sliced perfectly equal. Combined with unique additives, such as balsamic truffle sauce, arugula, cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the original is a great starter stimulates the appetite.
Logistics: 10 pieces in a box.
Net Weight: 160g with additives


Delicate and soft meat of beef neck cut into small cubes is ideal to cook a stew or other meat sauce. Ready portion makes the product can also be used to prepare a quick casseroles meat and vegetable soup and goulash.
Logistics: 6 packs in a box net weight: 500g


Meat rolls on beef produced with leg of beef. Rolls or otherwise beef meatballs wrapped dish is loved not only in Silesia and Wielkopolska. In conjunction with bits of pickle, onions, peppers and bacon in a thick sauce, rolls constitute filling dish.
Logistics: 6 packs in a box
net weight: 500g


Shin is easy to prepare meat. Ideal for frying, baking or cooking. It can be to cook stew, broth or gravy essential.
Logistics: 6 packs in a box
net weight: variable weight product


Brisket often called the broth portion due to a combination of meat, bone and fat is ideal for cooking broth, the broth for soup, which makes it the highly aromatic essential. Brisket after marinating is also suitable for grilling, frying
on a grill or baking.
Logistics: 6 packs in a box
net weight: variable weight product


Sirloin Beef Master is selected high-quality beef. Sirloin Beef Master is ideal for professional premises restaurant, and easy to prepare in the comfort of home cooking. Juicy, soft and delicate in taste, satisfy even the most demanding lovers of red meat