Production of red meat in Ukraine is widely widespread in 2017.

Economic aspects have led to the recovery of Ukrainian beef and pork in the international market.

Trade is expected to remain extremely turbulent. This is due to the emergence of a large number of new international sales markets.

Trade in beef is likely to suffer the least as exports of live animals to Middle east and Central Asia countries resumed 3 years ago after elimination of export duties. This will eliminate excess beef supply leading to an increase in animal exports.

Ukrainian beef production remains to be a function of milk production and prices. Low milk prices often lead to cattle number drops. However, access to foreign markets for live animals for slaughter cushions price drops.

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization data, profitability of milk production in 2015 dropped by 31 percent in comparison to 2014, and by 36 percent in comparison to 2013. These drops ignited major animal number decreases over these years. 

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