Ranchers Reserve cattle is humanly raised, being 100 day grain fed, antibiotic free, hormon free. Our premium beef is a pro- duct of genetics, quality feed, and proper care. There are no growth hormones used at any time. Our cattle are born and raised on our farm. They are always treated humanly. Grain fed, young age, and a low stress humane environ- ment gives our beef its high marbling and tender- ness. Steers are 18 -24 months of age at time of slaughter.

“State of the art facility” 

Our partners in Poland creat- ed a state of the art facility equipped with modern debon- ing line, allowing the the plant to slaughter in excess of 1000 heads per day, making this plant, one of the most modern and larger slaughter plants in Europe. 

Rastelli Ranchers Reserve ensures a high-quality product that is strictly Halal we rely upon the involvement and expertise of various Islamic organizations, these organizations are licensed to supervise, inspect and certify all Halal meat.

Quality assurance 

Broad recognition both on domestic, as well as foreign market, contribut- ed to the achievement of ritual Halal slaughter permit. Continuous supervision of the production process forced us to build com- plex Quality Assurance Department. Its aim is to maintain, develop and update quality and securi- ty systems such as HACCP, IFS, BRC. Increasing demand for meat induced the execu- tive board to launch, in May 2012, Confection –
ready meat department. A completely new selection of products under the brand name Rastelli Ranch- ers Reserve is intended for individual consumers, as well as HoReCa market. Fully equipped, modern production hall allows us to produce wide variety of assortment. Starting from fixed – weight products till IQF Liquid Nitrogen frozen products. The offer comprises: fixed – weight beef products, MAP packed beef, beef steaks packed in “skin” method, Carpaccio, beef tartar, minced-meat.