Rastelli Europe is responsible for the sales of products and services from Rastelli Food Group and associated companies in Europe.

Our product range is extensive and includes premium quality beef, seafood, poultry, veal, lamb, game, deli meats, kebabs, cheese, bread, ice cream as well as a full line of kitchen ready foods. In addition to providing products from our processing facilities in the United States of America we also have close relationships with food plants in Poland and Ukraine.

We market a number of brands including PureLand USDA Black Angus Beef, Ranchers Reserve which is a Premium Choice Hereford Steer beef and Pure Land America Organic grass fed beef.

Through direct ownership or proprietary partnership; we select the finest products for our customers and carefully monitor quality throughout all of the steps needed to fulfill orders. We are also able to source and consolidate almost any U.S. produced food item.We currently distribute over 5,000 products and work with more than 500 vendors from around the world. Our extensive list of products is ever-evolving so please contact us if you have a need for specific product brands.

The Rastelli name has been synonymous with premium beef for nearly four decades. Only 2% of the world’s beef meets the rigorous quality standards for USDA Prime beef labeling. Prime standards are based on maturity and level of marbling; two major indicators of tenderness. With the most deluxe trimming available and the perfect balance of taste and texture, Rastelli Prime Black Angus Beef is an indulgent dining experience.

Rastelli Europe works with some of the largest foodservice operators in the World, consolidating for their international corporate and franchised operations whilst adhering to the strict standards and regulations set by the companies themselves, as well as the many countries into which we ship. Our experience with the US Prime Vendors Programme, as global consolidators, and with a wealth of experience in Europe, makes us your perfect partner.